[Mailman-Users] Outgoing qrunner stops working and outgoingmails get stuck

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 5 20:44:32 CET 2008

ippaso wrote:
>After a look at the log of the smtp server (see below), I can guess that
>the reason might be an high load on the system due to intense
>spamassassin activity: at the time of the error there were 20
>connections (the maximum number of allowable concurrent connections) to
>the server, which, considering the traffic of our server, highlights a
>spamming session.
>Is it possible that the reason for the outgoing runner to stop is
>related to this huge time or to the system load?

Yes, but I have some thoughts based on the smtplib debugs to which I'll
reply next.

>> Somewhere around here (13:37:21 minus 00:01:03.191) OutgoingRunner
>> started SMTP delivery of the post to Qmail.
>Here is the log from the smtp server for that time, in case it can help:
>(qmail is patched to check the 'rcpt to' against a valid addresses list
>before accepting a message and to reject during the smtp conversation
>the mails which achieve a very high spamassassin spam score)

This appears to be the reason for the large delays when the load is
high. If at all possible, you should not be spam scanning outgoing
mail from Mailman as all such mail is either a Mailman notice or a
post which was already scanned on the way in. In my case for example,
I have tight control over my server, so I don't spam scan any outgoing
mail at all.

>> What if anything is in Mailman's error and smtp-failure logs?
>The only entry from 'error' log (when I copied the logs for the previous
>post it wasn't here yet...):
>Jan 27 14:17:58 2008 (2154) Cannot connect to SMTP server localhost on
>port smtp
>And here from 'smtp-failure'
>Jan 27 14:17:58 2008 (2154) Low level smtp error: (4, 'Interrupted
>system call'), msgid: <20080127123803.28436.qmail at MYDOMAIN>

Was this at the time that you restarted Mailman?

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