[Mailman-Users] getting python errorss with check_perms

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Wed Feb 6 07:10:58 CET 2008


That update took case of it.  Thanks.

-- Rob

On 02/05/2008 05:56 PM, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Rob Tanner wrote:
>> I think the bug URL you gave me is a wrong URL.  Bug 132495 is a
>> Japanese encoding bug and its status is closed (which I presume
>> means fixed).  That doesn't sound like the problem I'm seeing.
> The bug summary may not sound like what you're seeing, but the patch
> that was applied to correct the initial problem does redefine _() and
> can cause the sort of errors you're seeing.  I know this because I ran
> into some places where the patch was incomplete and caused just such a
> problem for me. :)
>> In answer to your questions, the Fedora release is Fedora release 7
>> (Moonshine) and the mailman package installed  is mailman-2.1.9-5.1
>> (output of rpm -qa).   I just no checked, and there is not a more
>> current package to download via yum.
> There may still be problems with the patch, as the maintainer noted in
> the last comment.  The bug is closed with the resolution rawhide,
> which means that the latest updated patch may not have been pushed to
> F7 (I haven't looked closely, though you can by looking at the Fedora
> CVS: http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/rpms/mailman/)
> There does happen to be an update that is in the updates-testing
> repository, and the patch in question has been updated in that version
> (mailman-2.1.9-5.3.i386.rpm).  You can download that directly or
> enable the updates-testing repo to install it with yum like so:
> yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update mailman
> This package should hit the standard updates repo very soon as it
> fixes CVE-2006-3636 (multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities).
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