[Mailman-Users] OT: Barracuda Reputation

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull at sk.tsukuba.ac.jp
Wed Feb 6 21:53:47 CET 2008

Karl Zander writes:

 > We have asked members to whilelist the Mailman server IP and address. 
 > For whatever reason, not everyone is able to do that. Does anyone know 
 > if there is any type of feedback loop to this Barracuda Reputation 
 > service?

I've seen it before occasionally; I was unable to find a way to deal
with it (but I didn't try too hard).  I tell users being victimized by
it to get another mailbox.  They're usually sympathetic.  Although my
users generally are techies predisposed to be sympathetic, my guess is
that there are a lot of problems with Barracuda.

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