[Mailman-Users] New List Creation Hangs

Trevor Antczak trevor at lite3d.com
Wed Feb 6 21:49:27 CET 2008

Hello all,

I recently installed and configured Mailman to work with Sendmail.   
This installation is designed as an internal list server where  
essentially all users will be able to create lists as they need in  
order to serve specific needs.  In order to avoid a massive  
administrative overhead creating and installing alias files for every  
new list, I used the excellent instructions here:


to allow Mailman to do it's own alias creation in Sendmail.  This has  
been partially successful, and I can now create lists with the newlist  
command, and aliasing is handled automatically.  When I try to create  
lists with the web interface though, something goes wrong.  Upon  
hitting submit, the little firefox wheel starts spinning, but the list  
creation never returns.  The list is at least partially created ( I  
can see it on the main page), but the aliasing isn't done, so I assume  
that somewhere between creating the list and running the aliasing  
stuff, there is some kind of hang up.   Absolutely nothing nothing  
appears in any of the logs that seems helpful (The most obvious log,  
the error log, is actually completely empty).  I'm not really sure  
what to include what additional info might be helpful.  I am fairly  
sure that I followed all of the instructions correctly, but of course  
this is not a "supported" configuration.  Essentially, anything that  
anyone can suggest I'll try, and I'll post any configs that people  
think might be helpful for troubleshooting.

The thing that seems strange to me is that "newlist" works, but the  
web site doesn't.


Trevor Antczak
Senior Systems Administrator
Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise
trevor at lite3d.com

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