[Mailman-Users] Need some fortware to run website

Michael James Wright kewlpcs at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:13:57 CET 2008

Hi guys 
I need a software to some files like IFF for my website Eg. zI downloading some files from JCU and Bom the one from Bom i'm looking at some software 
i need to be in a General access to a file through FTP can only be gained if the creator of the file has made it publicly accessible on a computer archive. This will accept the word "anonymous" as logon and your e-mail address as a password or type "guest" if you don't have e-mail address. 
As an anonymous user you can do the following:

If you're in telnet, type ftp ftp2.bom.gov.au ( or see Starting FTP ) 
When prompted for user-id, enter anonymous. 
When prompted for the password, enter your e-mail address ( or guest ) 
Type ls 
Use an ftp command to download the required information. 
Type quit to finish FTP session.
first of all my computer is a window home basic 64 bit 
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