[Mailman-Users] Sending MovableType notifications via Mailman

Eric Lee ericlee at labourstart.org
Wed Feb 13 08:04:17 CET 2008

It's worse than I'm describing it -- I've done everything I can to allow
anyone to mail to my test list, I've gone over every configuration
possibility and yet the only messages it will even consider for moderation
are those coming from the list owner, which is on the same server.  It's not
even looking at messages coming from, for example, my Gmail account.  Even
when I tell it to allow messages from non-members.

This looks like something terribly wrong with the setup of Mailman -- and
the setup was done by my web hosting provider as part of Plesk on a virtual
server.  They're not responding to requests for support.

Could it be that there's something in the setup of Mailman which I can
change?  It is possible that Mailman may be blocking receipt of any postings
from external sources (i.e., emails sent from different servers)?


On Feb 13, 2008 1:44 AM, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> Eric Lee wrote:
> >
> >I just checked and unfortunately, both the variables are set as you
> >suggested -- generic_nonmember_action  is 'hold' and
> forward_auto_discards
> >is 'yes'.  But I'm not getting any error messages back.  Any other ideas?
> Yes. My next idea is the mail isn't getting to Mailman at all. You said
> that you can mail the list directly, and it works so that doesn't
> leave too many possibilities.
> Where do the MovableType notifications come from? Inside a local
> network or outside? Whichever it is, can you send mail to the list
> from the same source? And are you absolutely certain the MovableType
> messages are being sent to the correct list address?
> Debugging this further may require access to MTA logs on the Mailman
> host and the MovableType host.
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