[Mailman-Users] Configure mailman for hosted e-mail...

Dov Oxenberg boxenberg at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 20:50:22 CET 2008

Our new web site and e-mail are currently being hosted by Network Solutions.
In our office I have a machine running Debian Lenny (stable) which at the moment is exclusively a fax Server but I am considering installing the Mailman package if I am confident I can get it to work in my scenario.
Being our e-mail is being hosted by Network Solutions, how would I go about configuring this machine to act as a List Server associated with our Domain name?
In other words, this Debian box is running in our office with a DSL connection to the Internet.  Our mail is being hosted by Network Solutions. How can I make the Network Solutions mail Serve "aware" of my list Server?

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