[Mailman-Users] Error compiling mailman 2.1.9

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 15 03:37:01 CET 2008

Mario Silva Borrego wrote:
>Thank you very much for your advices, finally I could compile it with 
>this little modifications, the "--with-mail-gid" option does accept 
>multiple values, so I just made some little modifications and here you 
>have in case you also want to update your current installation:
>mailgroup="mail postfix mailman nobody daemon"
>            '--with-mail-gid=${mailgroup}' \

This still does not work. Yes it is true that configure and make run
clean, but the resultant 'mailman' mail wrapper will always give a
group mismatch error.

By quoting '--with-mail-gid=${mailgroup}', you force configure to
create literally the following line in src/Makefile

MAIL_GROUP=     ${mailgroup}

Now, your script has not exported mailgroup to the environment, so make
winds up compiling the mail wrapper with -DMAIL_GROUP="\"\"" so the
compiled wrapper looks for the parent group name to be the null string
which never matches.

If you do export mailgroup to the environment before running make, make
compiles the wrapper with -DMAIL_GROUP="\"mail postfix mailman nobody
daemon\"". This too does not work because the compiled wrapper looks
for the parent group name to be literally "mail postfix mailman nobody
daemon" which again will never match.

As I said in my prior reply, the correct solution is the leave the
--with-mail-gid=${mailgroup} unquoted, and to define




or whatever single correct group is used by the MTA to invoke the mail

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