[Mailman-Users] Need ability to allow emails with specificsubject line

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 19 20:25:35 CET 2008

Savoy, Melinda wrote:
>We are a homeowners association and I have several forms that are
>submitted to our email lists and each form has a specific subject line
>that when released by the administrator (me)  because they are not in
>the accepted email addresses listing of the list goes to each of the
>members of that email list and because that email could be submitted
>from anyone who completes the form I just was looking for a way to not
>have to release "accept" the email manually and let it pass through to
>that email list.

I think what Jason was suggesting is to put the email addresses of the
potential senders of the messages in accept_these_nonmembers, but I
think you're saying you don't know these addresses in advance, so that
won't work.

If your web form actually generates the email to the list, you can
generate it with an

Approved: <password>

header, where <password> is the list admin or list moderator password
(moderator would be safer in case it gets inadvertently exposed via
your web application).

This 'pre-approves' the mail and bypasses the membership tests. The
header is removed from the mail to the list members so the password
isn't exposed that way.

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