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Rick Harris rick at learntime.com
Wed Feb 20 14:23:15 CET 2008

Thanks for your reply.  I understand that ultimately it is a Yahoo problem
and ultimately something that will never be cured.  I was hoping since I
only run one small list that there was a "magic" switch that I could flip
that would get past Yahoo.

Rick Harris

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> My Mailman list is very small with < 20 members and only 3 Yahoo
> addresses
> and the user complaint thing is bogus. This is a golf list for crying
> out
> loud.all of the members want to know what their tee times are for
> Saturday!
> All of Yahoo addresses have the same issue, even my own which I added
> to the
> list for testing.   And I said majority, because 1 in 15 or so messages
> will
> miraculously come through.
> Does anyone else have any experience with this, and is there something
> that
> I can do on my end that would help?
> Rick Harris

The user complaint notice is bogus. I monitored a batch that had several
yahoo addresses in. When I tried to manually push through the batch, I
received a 451 and 421 error message from yahoo. The third yahoo address
when through fine. So in just one batch I received 3 different responses
from yahoo.

This is not a mailman issue but a yahoo problem. I have also tried getting
my servers whitelisted and to sign up for their feedback loop but all to no

If your hosting company is running exim as their mta, ask them to run one of
the following commands every 5 minutes are so:

exim -Rff yahoo.com


exim -qff

Those are the commands that I use to get my clients' posts pushed through to
yahoo accounts in a relatively short time.

Running VERP is not a viable alternative for those of us who host multiple
mailing lists due to the resource hit that the server takes.

I think the long term solution is to get your members signed up to your list
with another e-mail address. If only yahoo's free email users knew how yahoo
is interfering with their mail delivery.

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