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Wed Feb 20 17:03:09 CET 2008

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> Yes.  I am on a shared server.  It seems that Yahoo picks up on the
> fact
> that this is going to multiple recipients (apparent 5+ raises the
> flag).
> Since I am on a shared server, it appears that my option for
> personalization
> is turned off.  If I understand correctly, personalization might
> overcome
> the Yahoo problem but might cause a problem with my host if my list was
> a
> large one.  That may be an easier fight.
> Thanks,
> Rick Harris

I doubt any web hosting company is going to enabled personalization on a
shared server environment. I know we won't. It is just too large of a
resource hit.

I also am not seeing this magic number (5) triggering Yahoo's response in my
observations of our mail logs. I think people are just speculating when they
try to find out why Yahoo is delaying their mail.

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