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Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Thu Feb 21 01:42:53 CET 2008

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> Brian Carpenter writes:
>  > Well we have been using domain keys as per yahoo's instructions and
> I
>  > haven't seen any reductions in yahoo's deferrals.
> Well, they don't promise that any of those measures will get your mail
> through.  And, to be sure, if I were them, I would not count domain
> keys as a way to improve a bad reputation, only as a way to preserve a
> good one.
> Are you getting the "deferral based on customer complaints"?  If so,
> do you think they're lying about that, or something?  (I'm not
> claiming that you or any of your clients are spamming, and I don't
> really care whether Yahoo customers are on average dumber than a
> fencepost; the question is about Yahoo procedures.)

Yes, I am seeing "deferral based on customer complaints" messages as well as
just a plain vanilla "temporarily deferred" messages. As I stated earlier, I
received 3 different responses in the same message batch from Yahoo.

As for customer complaints, I would not be able to tell since Yahoo makes it
just about impossible to get on their feedback loop program. Believe me AOL
is a breeze to work with in comparison to Yahoo. All I know is based upon
AOL's feedback, not having any of my IPs blacklisted, not hearing anything
from my datacenter (who is pretty quick to let me know if something is out
of the ordinary in regards to my outgoing mail) and being able to deliver to
all the other major e-mail providers such as hotmail, gmail, etc, I do not
have a spam problem. So though I am not willing to say Yahoo is lying, I
think that they have some serious problems with their mail servers that they
are not letting others know about. However I am merely speculating here.

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