[Mailman-Users] Mailman postings deferred by Yahoo

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 21 02:22:51 CET 2008

Brian Carpenter wrote:
>I find it very problematic when a large ISP such as AOL and Yahoo allows their users to define what is spam is and what is not.

Well, in one sense, only the final recipient can determine what is spam
and what is not, but I certainly agree that providing a "this is spam"
button that a user can click by accident or for any number of spurious
reasons, and then using that click to label the sending server as a
(possible, probable, ?) spam source is fraught with difficulty.

I would hope that any service that does this would make it simple for
senders to get reports of this so they can try to address people's
problems. I think AOL does, although I haven't tried to sign up for
their feedback loop.

Certainly Yahoo doesn't seem to make it easy (although I just submitted
their request form, we'll see), and it is not easy (so far impossible
for me) to get on Microsoft's Junk Mail Reporting Partner program.

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