[Mailman-Users] Mailman not sending mail to list members

Dave Filchak submit at zuka.net
Thu Feb 21 07:30:32 CET 2008


I am running Mailman version 2.1.6 and recently had to move my servers 
from one data center to another. This necessitated a change of IPs. 
Since the move, Mailman has refused to send out posts from my lists. 
Mail gets to the host and is redirected through aliases to the proper 
location, but then seemingly disappears. To be truthful, mail from the 
test list does show up very sporadically, sometimes hours later. But ... 
90% of the time .. nothing happens.

I am also running"

Linux ebony.zuka.net 2.6.9-11.ELsmp #1 SMP Wed Jun 8 17:54:20 CDT 2005 
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
This is CentOS release 4.1 (Final)
This is Perl version 5.008005 (5.8.5)

This is MailScanner version 4.63.8

I have checked all the logs and can find nothing that sticks out. 
Nothing, other than the IP numbers have changed after the move. I am 
stumped so I am hoping someone might be able to suggest somewhere to 
look and some sort of troubleshooting that I may have missed.



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