[Mailman-Users] Delete message in large mbox

Odieresis [Gmail] odieresis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 18:24:34 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro ha scritto:
> If you haven't already done so, see
> <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py?req=show&file=faq03.003.htp>.
> Even if you have seen this FAQ, see it again as I just revised it.

Thank you Mark, this is where I collected the informations about how to 
delete the messages.
Now my question is how to handle a large mailbox file. Maybe it's a dumb 
question, I can't open the file with mutt or emacs, I think these are 
unavailable on my virtual server.

I will appreciate any suggestion, thank you.

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