[Mailman-Users] Secure Email List Services using Mailman and GnuPG

Meenal Pant mpant at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Jan 7 22:56:36 CET 2008

This might be of interest to the Mailman User Community.

Our team has recently released SELS v0.4 software.

This software release has two parts. One for the List Server (LS), which
 enables a list administrator to set up a Secure List Server using
Mailman and GnuPG. The second is for a List Moderator(LM), who  uses
this software to set up a secure list at the Secure List Server. Then
any list subscriber can exchange emails with the other list members
using COTS email clients with GnuPG plugins, ex: Thunderbird with
Enigmail. One main feature of our implementation is that the contents of
the email are never visible in plain text at the List Server. So even if
the List Server gets compromised, the message contents remain encrypted.

We look forward to your feedback, comments , suggestions.

Thanks and regards
Meenal Pant (SELS Team Member)

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