[Mailman-Users] regular_exclude_lists (nondigest) does not workwith hosting service

Cris McConkey cris at tompkinsagainstwar.org
Sun Jul 13 23:05:16 CEST 2008

Regarding correct form for regular_exclude_lists, which is the correct 

listname-domain at lists.domain


listname at lists.domain


I have tried both.

There is NO indication of  2.1.11cp1.

I did see the following on my hosting services wiki that:

Due to a recent finding where discussion lists were often breaking due 
to their location in user's home directories, a major change was made to 
the system. Discussion list home directories are no longer publicly 

My that somehow interfere with sibling lists?

I'm still waiting for the DNS to propagate so I can test the 
regular_exclude_lists function on a new list rcreated with Mailman 
2.1.11 ather than an old list created before the upgrade to 2.1.11.



Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Cris McConkey wrote:
>> I have several lists under one domain.  I'd like to avoid duplicate 
>> posts when the same message is sent to multiple lists on the domain.  
>> GNU Mailman version is 2.1.11 supports this.  The hosting service I used 
>> just updated to GNU Mailman version 2.1.11.
>> However, when I change the setting for regular_exclude_lists in the 
>> admin panel for non-digest options, the new setting has no effect and 
>> duplicate messages are still received by the list.
> There are a couple of possibilities. The entries in
> regular_exclude_lists must match (case insensitively) the list posting
> address found in To: or Cc: to be excluded. I.e., it is the list
> posting email address, not just the name.
> The other catch is if this is someone's patched Mailman (e.g. cPanel)
> where the list posting address is say list at example.com, but the actual
> list name as in the web URLs has a domain appended, e.g.
> list_example.com, the Sibling lists feature won't work unless that too
> is patched.
> So, what is the source of this Mailman? Does it perhaps identify itself
> as 2.1.11cp1? Does it append the domain to the listname 'behind the
> scenes'?


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