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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Jul 16 17:37:46 CEST 2008

Michael Welch wrote:

>Dragon wrote at 08:06 AM 7/16/2008:
> >>Does there exists some extension/add-on for mailman that would 
> enabled the www discussion interface? So that its possible to 
> read/write contributions both with emails and www interface? My 
> admin keeps telling me that nothing is like that and I cant believe him.
> >
> >No such thing exists. Mailman is an e-mail list manager, not a 
> web-mail solution like Yahoo or Google groups.
>Hi Dragon. Other mail list solutions have the ability to post and 
>reply to messages online. The prime example may be the Topica 
>discussion lists. They do not offer web mail, but they do offer 
>online participation.

I am well aware of that, I just used Yahoo and Google as two 
well-known examples. The point I am making is that no such 
functionality exists in the current product, it is a mailing list 
manager program, and will be until somebody dedicates the time and 
work to implement other features.

>I think this would be a great feature to add, so folks could check 
>and post online, without using their ISP's web mail. I run several 
>Topica lists, and we have many list members that choose "No Mail" 
>and regularly go to the archives to view others' posts, respond, or 
>post. For whatever reason, they prefer to not receive emails from the list.

Well, the nature of a project such as this is it is developed by 
volunteers in their spare time and the developers work on the pieces 
of the puzzle they are interested in supporting.

This would take a major piece of code to add such a feature and a lot 
more to integrate it into the rest of the project. Unless somebody 
steps up to do it, it's going to remain something that would be "nice to have".

Personally, I have neither the interest nor the time to do it.


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