[Mailman-Users] newlist auto-generate password

Timm Stamer timm.stamer at uni-oldenburg.de
Wed Jul 16 17:47:31 CEST 2008

Hi Don,

I use

newlist --language=$lang $listname $email `pwgen -sB 15 1`

in my scripts to generate passwords. Search for pwgen.

Timm Stamer

hone+mailman at oak.cats.ohiou.edu schrieb:
> There doesn't seem to be an option to have a system generated password 
> when running bin/newlist from the command line. Is this correct? If so, 
> I would appreciate this be added as an enhancement request.
> The ability to create a list from the command line is good since it 
> creates the aliases lines for me.
> Don Hone
> <http://edirectory.ohio.edu/?$search?uid=hone>
> Ohio University
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