[Mailman-Users] [Mailman-Developers] GNU Mailman Site Redesign

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Wed Jul 23 21:07:08 CEST 2008

On 23-Jul-08, at 1:22 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>> The latest version is here:
>> http://terri.zone12.com/mm-website/
>> So, that's using some red/pink from the logo as link colours as  
>> someone suggested to me.
> I really don't want anyone over-riding my own choices for link colors.

The original version I had used the standard link colours (ie - it  
didn't set them), and comments ranged from just general malaise about  
the colour scheme of the links to several people who asserted it was  
nearly unreadable on their setups.  So I'll take the comment under  
advisement, but I suspect you're going to be in the minority.

Since I've since changed the original css, here's the current stuff  
with no link colours specified (so they default to your browser  


> Did you want to mention the official Mailman group on LinkedIn?  Of  
> course, I can't figure out how to give you a link that will take  
> you to their page for the group as opposed to the "home page" that  
> I defined for the group (namely www.list.org), but that may be  
> something we can resolve.

Seems like a good fit for the "Participate" page!  I've put it just  
under the wiki entry.

Also, if I can convince launchpad and my laptop to get along, I'll  
share the code for this.  It's currently generating the pages using a  
little python script.  Although honestly, given that there's only 7  
pages here, I think we might as well generate them once and just  
serve up the straight HTML.


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