[Mailman-Users] moderation rejection notices, etc.

Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Fri Jul 25 20:12:09 CEST 2008

Hi Friends. More newby questions, I am afraid.

1. Is there no capability to edit moderated messages? I have a couple of moderated members that have asked me to edit their messages, and I don't see how. (FYI, they tend to promote their own products within their otherwise extremely valuable posts).

2. When I reject a moderated message with an explanation, the rejection note comes from listname-bounces@ . So when the member replies to that message, it sends me a note saying that it received an unrecognized bounce, and buried in the note is the member's response.

Shouldn't rejected & annotated messages come from listname-admin@ instead? I bet there is a good reason for this that I do not know.

3. More of a comment than a question. Mailman archives do not perfectly allow importing Eudora mailboxes, even though they are a form of mbox-formatted mailboxes. Most messages seem to do fine but maybe (I am not sure) those few that do not import well have a blank line before Eudora's "From: ???@??? [date time]" header. Not sure if that is the cause, but it is possible.

4. Finally, I want to reiterate the desire for a web-based interface for responding to messages. I'd estimate that 5-10% of my list members used this feature when we were at Topica. I also would value a way for admins to remove individual messages from the archives through a web-based .

I understand that work on Mailman is done by a handful of dedicated volunteers, and I do appreciate the software and its robustness. I appreciate you folks that put so much time and energy into it and into helping us users.

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Michael Welch, volunteer
Redwood Alliance
PO Box 293
Arcata, CA 95518
mwelch at redwoodalliance.org

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