[Mailman-Users] Messages have stopped getting delivered to mailinglists

Williams, Theona tw150001 at ncr.com
Sun Jun 8 05:07:29 CEST 2008

Thanks for your help. As you suggested, I checked the 'mailman' link in
the smrsh file. It was indeed pointing to the wrong location. It appears
to have been changed on the same day the mailman login was updated by
the system administrator. I have changed the symbolic link and
everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks much. 

Theona Williams

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Williams, Theona wrote:
>I ran strings /u001/mailman/mail/mailman. The output is attached. The
>wrapper is pointing to /u001/mailman/scripts/.

Yes, the strings output looks good.

>3 months ago, during installation the configure script was ran with
>with-cgi-gid =apache --with-mail-gid = mail.

and presumably with prefix=/u001/mailman and maybe other arguments too.

So to recap, it seems that running

   python /u001/mailman/scripts/post mailman </dev/null

actually posts a null message to the Mailman list, but that running

  sudo -u mail /u001/mailman/mail/mailman post mailman </dev/null

fails and logs a "Jun 06 14:30:02 2008 post(916): post script, list not
found: mailman" error.

This is a bit puzzling unless the latter command also issued the "post
script, list not found: mailman" error to the terminal. It should have
both logged the error and written it to the terminal.

So we are left as I see it with two possibilities:

1) There is something wrong with the /u001/mailman/mail/mailman
wrapper, or

2) Some other wrapper is actually being invoked.

Please refer back to
and verify that either sendmail is not using smrsh or if sendmail is
using smrsh, that the smrsh file points at the correct wrapper.

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