[Mailman-Users] Queue problems

Allan Odgaard 8qbfgka02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Jun 18 19:00:40 CEST 2008

On 18 Jun 2008, at 17:49, Brad Knowles wrote:

> [...]
> It is not necessary to recommend to others that they disable this  
> feature on their copy of postfix.  Instead, you should be  
> recommending to them exactly what I recommended to you, which was to  
> run a second copy of postfix with all checks disabled and have  
> Mailman deliver to that second copy of postfix.

Wow… just wow…

I didn’t recommend anything, I reported my findings pointing to the  
setting which was problematic in this context. I figured people  
running into it will appreciate having the full info available before  
they decide what solution to pick.

Personally I prefer just disabling the check rather than run a new  
copy of Postfix, but each to his own.

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