[Mailman-Users] Weekly reminder

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 7 21:09:15 CET 2008

Dragon wrote:

>Prashanth sent the message below at 23:00 3/6/2008:
>>               I want to mailman to send weekly mails, as of mailman
>>sends mails Montly to the users in the list with their password I want
>>to replace the data and ask mailman to send mails weekly.
>>To say in simple words i want mailman to send the data that i give
>>weekly. So, how to do that?
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>OK, if I understand you correctly, you want the password reminder 
>e-mails to go out once a week... If that is correct, that function is 
>controlled by a script run by cron. You have to edit mailman's cron 
>table to change the time when it is run from the first of the month 
>to whenever you want it to be (like perhaps every Monday or whatever).
>Check the documentation for cron on how to set the cron table and 
>cron intervals. There is a text file for the standard crontab in the 
>Mailman distribution you can edit and then install using crontab.

The above is correct as far as it goes. However, it seems that you also
want to send something different from the standard password reminder.
You might be able to accomplish this by editing the cronpass.txt
template (see
but no matter how you edit this template, the message will still
contain the actual password reminders. Also, since password reminders
are a global rather than a list-specific message, you can't make a
list-specific cronpass.txt template; you have to make a site template.
Finally, this message won't be sent to members who have opted not to
receive the reminder.

It might be better to just set up a cron to run weekly and post a
message to the list.

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