[Mailman-Users] Still sticking: gmail => fetchmail => mailman=>postfix

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Mar 20 02:51:12 CET 2008

billc wrote:
>At 6:50 AM -0700 3/19/08, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>billc wrote:
>>>I'm assuming that the problem is with the fetchmail => mailman link.
>>>Is there another way to test the mailman => postfix link, such as
>>>manually inserting a list post to be processed?
>>Is Mailman running? Do you receive any mail from Mailman - e.g., list
>>created notices to the owner?
>Yes and yes.  Subscription and list creation messages come through fine.

This means that the Mailman -> outgoing postfix is working.

>Ok, will go through these steps.
>>If the fetchmail -> mailman link works, the messages should get at
>>least as far as Mailman's in/ queue.
>nothing in any of the mailman/qfiles folders.

Then the mailman/mail/mailman wrapper is not receiving the post from
fetchmail or postfix or there is a group mismatch error in invoking
the wrapper (see
or there is some other error in posting the message.

A group mismatch will result in the wrapper exiting with a non-zero
status and issuing a message which should appear somewhere.

Other errors should be logged in Mailman's error log.

If you want to verify the Mailman is working completely once a message
hits the mailman/qfiles/in/ queue, you can use mailman/bin/inject to
put a message in the in/ queue.

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