[Mailman-Users] Content filtering problem...

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 25 04:55:59 CET 2008

Glenn Sieb wrote:
>I'm highly puzzled. I have a user trying to post on a list I own. She's 
>getting "The message's content type was not explicitly allowed". The 
>message is just a "Test post" from her, headers (anonymized) follow the 
>email. There are *NO* entries in any of the mailman log files showing 
>her posts being rejected or why. Postfix mail logs just show the 
>outgoing mail from list-I-own-owner at .. going to her.
>Settings from content filtering:
>Should mailman filter? Yes
>Remove message attachments that have a matching content type: (blank)
>Remove message attachments that don't have a matching content type. 
>Leave this field blank to skip this filter test:  multipart/mixed 
>multipart/alternative text/plain

So you are allowing only text/plain parts that are either a text/plain
message or a text/plain sub-part of a multipart/mixed or
multipart/alternative message

No text/html.

>Remove message attachments that have a matching filename extension: exe 
>bat cmd com pif scr vbs cpl
>Remove message attachments that don't have a matching filename 
>extension. Leave this field blank to skip this filter test.  (blank)
>Should Mailman collapse multipart/alternative to its first part 
>content?  Yes

Irrelevant because you only accept the text/plain alternative in the
first place.

>Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text? This conversion 
>happens after MIME attachments have been stripped: Yes

Irrelevant again because you don't accept text/html.

>Action to take when a message matches the content filtering rules: Reject
>I'd appreciate any help :-/

>> Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

You don't accept text/html.

I suggest what you want in pass_mime_types is


This will accept all text plain parts and text/html parts, even from
attached message/rfc822 parts. Then multipart/alternative parts will
be collapsed to the first (probably text/plain) alternative, and any
remaining text/html parts will be converted to plain text by lynx or
whatever you set in mm_cfg.py for HTML_TO_PLAIN_TEXT_COMMAND.

If you also want to accept signed messages, you probably want to add


to the above list.

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