[Mailman-Users] how do I delete a pending subsc request for the mailman list

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Thu Mar 27 00:06:08 CET 2008

When I installed mailman a default list called mailman was created (as 
I'm sure everyone here already knows) and I understood it was not used 
for anything but management.  I've pretty much ignored it since the 
initial installation.

Anyway, a member of one of our other lists somehow got herself listed as 
requesting a subscription to the mailman list.  I keep getting this 
message every morning:

> The Mailman at marmot.org mailing list has 1 request(s) waiting for your
> consideration at:
> 	http://email.marmot.org/mailman/admindb/mailman
> Please attend to this at your earliest convenience.  This notice of
> pending requests, if any, will be sent out daily.
> Pending subscriptions:
>     xx.xxx at colostate-pueblo.edu (Xxx, Xx) Mon Mar 17 13:36:44 2008

Following the provided link doesn't take me to the usual login page, 
instead I end up on the generic listinfo page 

I can log into the list management interface for the mailman list, but 
when I click on the link to "Tend to pending moderator requests" I end 
up on the same general listinfo page instead.

I found the controlling file(s) in /var/mailman/lists/mailman... 
leastwise the members name and address are in the request.pck file.  Can 
I simply delete request.pck (and/or request.db) to clear this?  Is there 
anything else I need to do to clear the pending subscription?  Thanks!

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