[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.6 and Office 2007 documents

Whitcomb, Jeff jmwhitco at samford.edu
Thu Mar 27 00:01:21 CET 2008

Has anyone run into issues with the Barracuda SPAM filter catching
emails sent through mailman 2.1.6 with the new Office 2007 format
documents attached?  The email admin says Barracuda is seeing the
messages as containing a .zip attachment, not a .docx attachment.  We
disabled the .zip filtering temporarily to work around the problem.  The
email admin is contacting Barracuda to see if this is there problem, and
I thought I would ping here to see if others might be having the same


Thanks in advance for any help or light you can shed on this issue.


Jeff Whitcomb
Technology Services Manager
Member: Staff Advisory Council

Cumberland School of Law - Samford University


P Think before you print


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