[Mailman-Users] Integrating mailman with Sendmail

Bill Honneus (honneus) honneus at cisco.com
Thu May 1 15:42:19 CEST 2008

I'm a little confused about something regarding setting up Mailman to
run using Sendmail.  The following are instructions for how to create
the mailman user.  My first question is, why is the user created with no
shell and no home?  The documentation does not explain the reason why
this is needed.
% groupadd mailman
% useradd -c''GNU Mailman'' -s /no/shell -d /no/home -g mailman mailman
Second, in Ed Greenbergs workaround for integrating with Sendmail
without mm-handler (I am doing this b/c I need to run with both
maillists and individual users), the following instructions are given.
5. As mailman, run /home/mailman/bin/genaliases
Check for a file /home/mailman/data/aliases and
also TWO files /etc/mailman.aliases and /etc/mailman.aliases.db

6. Test creating a list using /home/mailman/bin/newlist
Check for the appearance of aliases for that list in
Add some users and test the list

First, I don't see how to login or sudo as mailman if the user is set up
without a shell.  Second, both steps refer to a home directory that does
not exist if the user is set up with no home.  In other words, the
instructions seem to contradict the basic instruction for how to set up
the mailman user.
Please help me better understand what is needed here.

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