[Mailman-Users] Mail/News duplicates problem

NFN Smith worldoff9908 at sacbeemail.com
Thu May 1 21:34:16 CEST 2008

>> Brad Knowles wrote:
>>INN does rely on the Message-ID to track whether or not it has seen this
>>particular message, but an article being gatewayed in via USENET
should not
>>then be gatewayed back out to USENET by Mailman.  The pipeline of
>>within Mailman should be set up to avoid precisely that condition.

> Exactly. When cron/gate_news polls the news group and posts messages to
> the Mailman list, it puts a fromusenet flag in the message's metadata.
> The ToUsenet handler looks for this flag and will not process the
> message if it is present.

OK, that makes sense.

Any idea why fromusenet is getting ignored (or perhaps, never being

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