[Mailman-Users] virtual domains

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed May 21 02:37:55 CEST 2008

Melinda Gilmore wrote:

>I know this has been covered alot and I do see alot of talk in the 
>archives, but I am new to the whole, mailman/postfix/apache/redhat 
>world and the instructions are not clear to me because of that.  Is 
>there anyone out there that has the actually settings and what files 
>to change in postfix, apache, mta, and whatever to get virtual 
>domains to work.  Am I to understand that if I had a list called 
>something at lists.service.osu.edu (our domain) and I want a virtual 
>domain to go with it called something at network.org I can get this to work?

Not exactly. If you have a list named "something" that is currently in
the lists.service.osu.edu domain, you could move it to the network.org
domain, but the whole idea of virtual domains in Mailman is that the
various domains are disjoint (although currently list names still have
to be globally unique).

If you just want to be able to mail to something at network.org in
addition to mailing to something at lists.service.osu.edu and have either
address go to the list, this would all be done in Postfix and DNS.

In order to give you a recipe to do what you want, I'd need more
detailed information. We would need to have a dialog to determine what
you want and what can be done. Unfortunately, I will not be available
to do this until June.

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