[Mailman-Users] Help! "Recipient list too long" message is held for approval

Knabe, Troy knabe at 4j.lane.edu
Fri May 23 17:48:14 CEST 2008

On 5/23/08 8:14 AM, "webct" <webct at hccs.edu> wrote:


We are using mailman which comes with Mac OS X server 10.5.  I think,
I have set it up correctly for most of the part but there is one
lingering issue with sending a message with other email addresses.

I get "Recipient list too long" error message and the email is held
for moderator's approval.  How do I make mailman remember to send
messages across with long list of recipients.


Under "Privacy Optionis" and "Recipient Filters" there is a "Ceiling on acceptable number of recipients for a posting".  I believe the default value is 10.  This has nothing to do with the number of list members, but the number of other addresses in the To:, CC:, and BCC: fields of the email that causes this be invoked.


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