[Mailman-Users] Relative to Relaying deny

JCSL sernaluna at yahoo.com
Wed May 28 19:20:24 CEST 2008

Hi everybody

I have a big problem with a list, I have installed in my server as MTA Postfix, an antivirus Vexira and mailman to have the posibility to get a service's list. I have 4 lists created, 3 of them contain only email's directions with my domain i mean is only for internal use, that's works perfect. But theres one that contain external domains and when i try to send a message to all the members (hotmail's, yahoo's, etc), the message never is delivered, checking the logs i found that error in the smtp-failure's log in mailman:

May 27 18:29:15 2008 (7555) delivery to <a member's direction> failed with code
 558: Relaying denied:  domain not valid.

I could send emails from my MTA to this domains, so i think that the configuration of my postfix is correct but....... when mailman try to send messages dosen't work.

I hope that somebody could help me.

Thanks in advance....

Julio César Serna Luna

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