[Mailman-Users] Digest always in MIME

Matthieu HUTIN mhutin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 18:40:14 CET 2008

02/11/08 14:57 : « Mark Sapiro » a écrit :

>>> I can't get my digests to be sended in other than MIME although Plain Text
>>> is selected. Any way to get this solved ? I have access to the server if any
>>> CLI need to be used. I'm running 2.1.11
>> Check the messages in the digest, as well as the digest header and
>> footer.  I'm willing to bet that there is a character set or
>> content-transfer-encoding difference somewhere in there, which is
>> forcing the MIME formatting.
> I don't think that would do it. Those things should be recoded or
> scrubbed.
> When you say "Plain Text is selected", do you mean "When receiving
> digests, which format is default" on the admin Digest options page? If
> so, that only controls the default setting for new list members. Each
> existing member has an individual setting for "Get MIME or Plain Text
> Digests" on the user options page which reflected by the presence or
> absence of a check in the box in the "plain" column on the admin
> Membership List pages.

Thansk for answering Mark

As I just answered to Brad, it is now working correctly, but yes, both
server side and end users where using Plain Text in the Options.

Matthieu HUTIN
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