[Mailman-Users] Long name of the attachemnets in mailman list

Tu Ngo tungo at vef.gov
Fri Nov 7 05:04:17 CET 2008

Hello everyone,


Recently, when I sent to our mailing list (using mailman) a message with a
attachment with a long name ("VEF Annual Conf 2009 - Announcement - Fellows
& Visiting Scholars.pdf") . As a recipient, I received the attachment with
the name that has been changed to ATT00462.pdf. The content of the
attachment had not been changed.  So, I have some questions that I hope
someone can answer: 

1.       Does the mailman automatically rename the attachment due to the
long name of the attachment?

2.       If yes, how long should the name of the attachment be so that it
would not be changed by mailman?

3.       If no, could you please explain to me the reason why the name had
been changed?


I would appreciate your reply soon.




Tu Ngo 


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