[Mailman-Users] Mailman is no longer gatewaying news...

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Nov 14 22:29:45 CET 2008

On 11/13/08 12:33, Brad Knowles wrote:
> There's your problem.  Somehow your watermark got set ridiculously high, 
> or the news server decided to re-number all their articles into a much 
> lower range, and from now until the end of eternity, you're not going to 
> find any "new" articles to pull out of the newsgroup and post to the list.


> You're going to need to reset that watermark, if you want to get things 
> working again.


I've done that and things are indeed working.  :)  (See my other last post.)

> You would need to talk to your news server administrator to see if they 
> did a re-numbering, or silently switched you to be pointed at a 
> different news server with a different article numbering, or what.

TCPDump is a wonderful thing.

> This is one of those cases where it helps to be the administrator of 
> both sets of systems, so that you know what's going on under the hood on 
> both ends of the connection, and you have full control over what changes 
> are or are not made.


I'm working on setting up an install of INN for this and another similar 

> BTW, if you were using a server-style feed mechanism, there wouldn't be 
> a watermark issue.
> You would instead track incoming messages by their message-id and date 
> headers, and if the message had a recent enough date header to be within 
> your chosen window of operation, and you had not seen that message-id 
> within that window of operation, and the message in question was posted 
> on one of the newsgroups you're subscribed to, then you'd accept the 
> message.
> No watermarks here.
> Of course, you continually purge old message-ids out of your database, 
> but you do want to keep them for a while after the window has expired, 
> in case someone takes an old feed and tries to re-submit it -- you want 
> to be able to reject all those old re-posted articles.

I recently installed INN on a personal server that I'm planing on using 
for this and a few similar things.  Seeing as how I've got gigs of space 
and the fact that I'm only interested in about a dozen news groups, I 
think I'll hold on to data for a very long time and not have any 
problems with duplicates.  I'm thinking that I'll end up setting up a 
feed from INN to Mailman.

> Please let us know how it goes.

(Re)setting the watermark took care of it.  I now have 278 messages to 
catch up on.  <dull monotone sarcasm>ya!</dull monotone sarcasm>

Grant. . . .

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