[Mailman-Users] spam gatewayed from Usenet to mail bypasses our spam filters

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Thu Nov 20 07:54:22 CET 2008

On 11/17/2008 11:20 PM, skip at pobox.com wrote:
> I still haven't figured out quite how to solve the problem.  In 
> theory we could use some other tool to perform the gateway operation. 
> Instead of passing Usenet postings directly to Mailman it would mail 
> them to python-list at python.org where they would get the spam filter 
> treatment before Mailman sees them.  I'm still thinking about the 
> full ramifications of that.  It might be easier to get Mailman's 
> news-to-mail gateway to mail incoming Usenet messages to the list 
> address instead of directly distributing them to the subscribers 
> though.  I don't believe Mailman does that out of the box (but I 
> would love to be wrong here).  Has anyone tried implementing that? 
> If so, got a patch or a recipe for how to configure Mailman to 
> operate this way?

Few follow up questions:

1)  Will someone please provide the Path: header for a number (3 - 8) of 
the spam messages?  I suspect that the messages are originating from 
googlegroups.com which is /notorious/ for spam.

2)  Does gate_news have the ability to filter (gateway or not) messages 
based on the contents of the Path: header in the Usenet message?

3)  Is it possible to have gate_news call some of the other freely 
available Usenet spam filters that already exist?  Why re-invent the 
wheel if we can hook in to already existing filters on the Usenet side.

Grant. . . .

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