[Mailman-Users] Minimal mailman

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Nov 28 22:51:25 CET 2008

on 11/28/08 2:56 PM, Rich Winkel said:

> Hi, I'm trying to set up a very minimal installation here, I'm the sole
> list manager and all administrative stuff goes through me, so I don't
> need or want a web interface, just simple command-line stuff would
> work for me.  I can't find any instructions specific to this setup,
> although it's apparently a fairly common issue.  Is there any
> info out there?

Mailman was not intended to run in such an environment.  There are some 
things that can only be done from the command-line, but most of the 
administration is intended to be done via the web.  If you don't want to 
use any kind of web server at all, you're going to need to get pretty 
good at reading and writing code in Python.

That said, there's good stuff in the FAQ, if you search for "command line".

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