[Mailman-Users] HTML table code broken via Mailman

Edward Salm, PhD edward at LambdaEnt.com
Sun Oct 5 12:47:10 CEST 2008

The email programs that sent the mail both Apple Mail and Thunderbird, so it
appears that Microsoft is not the only culprit. I would have assumed
(perhaps incorrectly) that Thunderbird uses "standards".

I have just contacted my webhost, hostforweb.com, regarding the
Personalization option, as well as cron/disbaled.

We're getting closer!

On 10/5/08 3:21 AM, "Lloyd Tennison" <lists at viplist.us> wrote:

> Outlook and Outlook Express adds the translating, but most other email
> clients do not.  
> As to Personalization:
> Look at Non-Digest Options, the second option should be:
> Should Mailman personalize each non-digest delivery? This is often useful for
> announce-only lists, but read the details  section for a discussion of
> important performance issues.
> (Details for personalize)
> No
> Yes
> Full Personalization
> Full Personalization is preferred if you want to track, as that uses full
> Note: Some hosts do not have that option enabled.  Many will enable it if you
> ask.  It is a simple configuration change that takes seconds to do.

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