[Mailman-Users] message delivery eating disk space ..

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Oct 30 23:32:06 CET 2008

faisal anif wrote:

> I have a Virtual private server (Fedora, 256 RAM, 10 GB HDD). I'm hosting
> an announcement list of about 15,000 addresses. I noticed that each time
> I post a message to the list, the free disk space (command: df -h) is
> decreasing even after mailman finishes delivering all the messages. I had
> to reprovision the server and format the hard drive twice and restore my
> data when the disk is full!

Did you go in and actually check to see which directory hierarchy was using 
up the disk space?  It's kind of hard to solve a problem if you don't 
actually look to see what the cause is.

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