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> If I recall correctly, the default cPanel installation has a really
> tight
> limit on the number of messages that can be sent from your server in a
> given
> amount of time. Far too tight for a Mailman list of any size. I recall
> running into this myself once. I guess it's to protect you in case you
> have
> a PHP script or something that gets hijacked by a spammer.
> Unfortunately, I
> can't find the setting to change it, but your host (if competent)
> should be
> able to help.

A default installation of cPanel doesn't limit the number of messages an
account can send out per hour. This setting is set by the server admin via
WHM. It can easily be changed by the hosting company. Since we fully support
Mailman, we don't impose such limits on our clients, even though we run
cpanel on our servers.

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