[Mailman-Users] Harvesting of email addresses for spam from archives

Brad Knowles brad at python.org
Mon Sep 8 19:55:49 CEST 2008

David Beaumont wrote:

>>> I notice this list's archives are not standard
>>> mailman format!
>> I assume by 'this list' you mean mailman-users at python.org. In what way
>> are the archives "not standard"?
> Thanks I mean the archives at
> http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users%40python.org/

We don't run those.  Those are the official searchable archives, as provided 
by an approved third-party.

You could do the same, if you like.

Alternatively, you might consider using a piece of third-party archive 
software that runs on your own hardware.  That's also discussed in the 

> Ours are at http://lists.shire.net/pipermail/dbamain/
> On ours you will see the emails have the ' at ' obscuration.   Yours don't
> seem to show the email in any form.  How do we change to your format?

Contact the people at mail-archive.com and ask them to provide an external 
third-party archive for your lists.  I don't know, but they might ask you to 
pay them some money, unless you're big enough that they want to provide that 
service to you for free.

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