[Mailman-Users] list of members question

Lynn, Michael (GWM-CAI) michael_lynn at ml.com
Tue Sep 9 19:59:55 CEST 2008

I had a similar requirement and created a script that I run via cron to
dump the subscribers to all lists into an html page.  

The script creates anchors for each list - so if you wanted, you could
create a links by list.  For example...

<a href=members/index.html#foo-list>Foo List Subscribers</a>

Here's the script:
# mlynn 06-24-2008
# dump subscribers by list to a web accessible page
INFORMATION</TITLE><BODY>" > /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
echo "<h1> Mailman Mailing List Membership Information Page</h1>" >>
echo "<h2><img align=right src=/images/stamp_100.gif >This page lists
the subscribership of each of the Mailing Lists hosted on the Mailing
List Server</h2><br>" >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
echo "<h3>" >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
date >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
echo "</h3>" >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
for ii in `/var/mailman/bin/list_lists -b`; do
        mkdir -p /var/www/html/lists/members
        echo "<a name=$ii><h2>$ii Subscribers</h2></a>" >>
        echo "<blockquote>" >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
        for jj in `/var/mailman/bin/list_members $ii`; do
                echo "<a href=mailto:$jj>$jj</a><br>" >>
        echo "</blockquote>" >> /var/www/html/lists/members/index.html
Here's the cron:
* 12 * * * /var/mailman/bin/create_members_info.sh > /dev/null 2>&1
Works for me, ymmv.


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Is there a way for a list owner to see all subscribers of a list on one
page? One list has 140 members. Or can a list be requested via email?

I know that I, as listserv admin, can get this list via the gui.

Don Hone
Ohio University
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