[Mailman-Users] digest message modification

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 10 03:23:59 CEST 2008

Alan.Rubin at nt.gov.au wrote:
>Is there a way to do this on a per-list basis?  From the web interface or from
>the command line?

Not without modifying the code to implement a per-list setting.

>Alan.Rubin at nt.gov.au wrote:
>>Is there any way to strip out certain headers/lines from a message being shown
>>in a digest format?
>in defaults.py.
>You can copy PLAIN_DIGEST_KEEP_HEADERS omitting Message-ID and
>Content-Type and put the rest in mm_cfg.py. E.g.
>    'Message', 'Date', 'From',
>    'Subject', 'To', 'Cc',
>    'Keywords',
>    ]
>Do not remove Content-Type from MIME_DIGEST_KEEP_HEADERS as that will
>destroy the MIME format of the digest. People should only be selecting
>the MIME format digest if their MUAs understand MIME (these days
>almost all do) in which case they won't be seeing the actual
>Content-Type header anyway.

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