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Thu Sep 11 21:04:58 CEST 2008

Mailman is under email, mailing lists in Cpanel (Not WHM.)  It is extremely 
easy to setup once you create the list in Cpanel.  Email me back if you 
cannot figure it out, and I can walk you through it.

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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:05:39 +0300
Subject: [Mailman-Users] mailman on a dedicated server

> hello, I have a problem if anyone can help me. I'm in the autoparts 
business and I had a small hosting plan with cpanel where I could install 
mailman with just one click. I have a mailing list of my customers with 
about 400 subscribers and send them weekly updates once a week and monthly 
updates once a month. but as my business grew big I needed a dedicated 
server to put my data and manuals and videos on. so I bought a server and 
paid for several months upfront. but for my surprise I could not find 
mailman ready to be installed in its control panel (webmin).  I'm no 
computer tech, could someone install mailman for me on the server? I'm 
ready to pay for the installation. Thank you   
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