[Mailman-Users] Default ban_list for new lists

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Mon Sep 15 23:09:07 CEST 2008

>I have a mailman server, where port 80 is only accessible within the
>company, but port 25 is open to the outside world.  It is intended for
>internal mailing lists only.
>I want to close the hole, where a malicious user can subscribe via email,
>who isn't part of our domain.  I easily created a ban_list for
>^(?!(^.*@mydomain.com))  and this is applied to all existing lists.  I would
>like this ban_list applied by default to all new lists.
>I've seen many such default defaults, under mm_cfg.py, but haven't found one
>for the ban_list.  Is there some way I can set this?
>Thank you.

What I have done is this - I have about 20 different list template
configurations on my Mailman machine.  If I want to create a new list
of type, say, E1, I do the following as root on the Mailman machine:

     cp E1.config newlist.config
     vi newlist.config
         (Search for lines that have "XXX".  These are lines that I have
             to modify, such as description, info, digestable, and
             archiving options.)
     create_list.exec newlist
         (This invokes
                 /usr/sbin/newlist $emaildomain $listname
                 config_list -i $listname.config $listname  )

(An E1 list is one where subscriptions are open, and any local user can
post.)  I have a ban_list configured in the list templates where I need

I decided a while ago that I did not want to start each list with the
default Mailman configuration and then have to modify the various
parameters to suit the list.  I do not create lists from the web
interface because I do not want to have to modify all of the necessary
parameters by hand; I know that if I did, I would forget to modify
some parameter.
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