[Mailman-Users] migrating Mailman

Kevin Freels kfreels at sendmail.com
Thu Sep 25 00:05:10 CEST 2008


One thing I discovered in migration is be sure the systems are Endian
compliant. I was moving some lists from a Solaris box to FC8, which are
different Endian.

I used "list_members" and "config_list -o" in the mailman/bin directory
to dump to text files. I then scp'd the files over to a temp directory
on the new server. I created the old lists with "newlist", and then
imported the configs and members using the text files I had just copied

It was an easy thing to script in bash:

bash-2.03# cat make_info.sh
echo "Making $1 CONFIG file..."
./config_list -o - $1 | grep -v "^#" > $1.CONFIG
echo "Making $1 MEMBERS file..."
./list_members $1 > $1.MEMBERS
echo "...done!"

and then while in the mailman/bin directory run:

 for i in `./list_lists -b`; do ./make_info.sh $i; done

to create the text files. After copying the *.MEMBERS and *.CONFIG files
over to the new system, import them:

 newlist -q biglist listmaster at yourdomain.com FakePasswd   (also
provides the new aliases to add)
 config_list -i biglist.CONFIG biglist
 add_members -w n -a n --regular-members-file=biglist.MEMBERS biglist

Depending upon how many lists you have, this may or may not work for
you. However, this also let me pick and choose which lists I wanted to
revive, and I have a text backup of the lists in case I need to import
the ones I hadn't done yet.


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