[Mailman-Users] Soft bounces....

Charles Gregory cgregory at hwcn.org
Thu Apr 2 21:54:51 CEST 2009


Running into a small bit of frustration.

Yahoo expects me to respond promptly to 5xx bounces, disabling any 
subscriptions, otherwise it starts generating 'greylist' 4xx bounces for 
my mail. Unfortunately, if I try to lower the bounce threshold, the 
now-daily occurence of 4xx bounces guarantees that all yahoo addresses 
will end up disabled. Is there any way, short of fiddling with and 
recompiling from source, to separate 'hard' bounce handling from 'soft' 
bounce handling, or to change the 'scores' that each accumulates?

Or any other trick to handle bounces properly when yahoo is tossing out 
greylist deferrals. At this point is just amounts to a nuisance with 
delayed deliveries for a lot of list mail. But it would be better to have 
our mailman properly disable when 5xx errors occur....

- Charles, HWCN

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