[Mailman-Users] digest question

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Apr 17 19:23:55 CEST 2009

Christopher Adams  wrote:
>I understand how digests work and have the cron set to send the
>digests every night at midnight. However, if I do a listing of all the
>lists and the time of creation of the digest.mbox, I see several dozen
>that are more than 1 day old, including the list in question. I know
>that I can generate the digest immediately from the admin interface,
>but I am wondering why *all* lists with digest.mbox files are not
>generating digests each night?

Some list's digest.mbox has a message that is throwing an unexpected
exception when Scrubber tries to process it for the digest. There may
be a message in Mailman's error log from ArchiveRunner if it
encountered the same error when the message was posted.

When cron/senddigests encounters a processing error, where does the
output get mailed. In a default installation, it would be mailed to
the 'mailman' user which would be sent to the 'mailman' site list, and
what happens then (rejected or discarded as a non-member post?).

If you try to generate the digest immediately from the admin interface,
that may produce a digest or it may produce a "we hit a bug" error in
mailman's error log depending on whether the list you do it for is the
one with the problem or just one that happens to not be processed yet
when senddigests hits the error.

You can run cron/senddigests by hand and see the error, but you should
put a MAILTO= in Mailman's crontab to make sure any error reports
actually get delivered to someone.

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