[Mailman-Users] Trouble with some messages being scrubbed

Scott Race scott at 916networks.com
Mon Aug 10 07:54:20 CEST 2009

Thanks for confirming Mark. I had read that this was a possible bug - so good to know that an upgrade/new install will likely cure it.

Would the workaround you describe involve setting:

convert_html_to_plaintext = 1
filter_mime_types = [add html/text]

One other question about upgrade/new install - I have read that upgrading an existing installation is rather difficult and might involve downtime, so the preferred method is to bring up a new server and move the lists over.  Is that correct?

Thanks again.

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Scott Race wrote:

>I am getting the following message in some of our posts, no content, just:
>Skipped content of type multipart/alternative-------------- next part --------------

This is a bug in your 2.1.5 version, long since fixed.

>A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
>Name: not available
>Type: image/gif
>Size: 1994 bytes
>Desc: image003.gif
>There's a link to the attachment, image003.gif, which pulls up ok, but, no content is being delivered.
>The list settings have filter_content set to No.

This is a scrubber issue. It is independent of content filtering except
in that if you filtered the text/html part out of the
multipart/alternative part leaving only the text/plain part, it would
probably appear OK in the archive.

>I read in another post that scrub_nondigest might be set to Yes, but I can't find the setting for that.

Because it doesn't exist in 2.1.5, and if it were set in your case, it
would just break individual messages and mime digests as well as
archives and plain digests.

>Mailman 2.1.5.

If you are saying that this happens to individual messages and not to
just plain digests and archives, then this is not 'standard' 2.1.5,
and somehow Scrubber has been inserted into GLOBAL_PIPELINE either in
Defaults.py or mm_cfg.py or in a pipeline attribute of the list.

The real solution is to upgrade to a more recent Mailman that doesn't
have this Scrubber bug.

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